Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your agency offer?

JSB offers website design, digital marketing, sales strategies, business development, branding, and data intelligence services to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital age.

How much does it cost to work with your agency?

Our pricing varies depending on the scope of the project and the services required. We provide custom quotes based on each client’s specific needs and budget. Although, we have smartify packages. See the services page.

Can you provide examples of previous work you’ve done?

Absolutely! We are happy to provide examples of previous work we’ve done. See project page.

How do you approach business development for your clients?

Our business development services include market research, lead generation, and strategic planning. We work with our clients to develop a customized plan that helps them achieve their growth objectives.

How do you use data intelligence to inform your strategies?

We use data intelligence to inform our strategies by analyzing a variety of metrics, including website traffic, engagement, social media metrics, and customer data. This helps us identify trends, opportunities, and challenges, and make data-driven decisions to optimize our clients’ performance.

How long does it take to complete a website design project?

The timeline for completing a website design project depends on the size and complexity of the website. We work with each client to establish a timeline that meets their needs and goals.

How do you measure the success of a digital marketing campaign?

We measure the success of a digital marketing campaign by analyzing metrics such as website traffic, engagement, and conversions. We provide regular reporting to our clients to keep them informed of their campaign’s progress.

What is your process for developing sales strategies?

Our sales strategy development process is tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals. We work closely with our clients to identify their target audience, develop messaging, and create a plan to reach and convert leads into customers.

Can you explain your branding process?

Our branding process includes research, strategy, design, and implementation. We work with our clients to develop a brand identity that resonates with their target audience and effectively communicates their values and message.

How do I get started working with your agency?

To get started working with our agency, simply reach out to us via our contact page, and one of our expert consultants will be happy to discuss your needs and provide a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you!


JSB has been a great partner to us and I personally cannot be more grateful.

Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure, and I cannot thank you enough for the hard work and dedication you have shown us.

Yahaya Mardiyah

Founder – Abstract

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