Have you ever gone beyond the first and second pages of a Google search?

If the answer is no or just a few times, then digital marketing is actually a real thing and as a business owner, a corporate body or an individual brand, you need to read on to understand what digital marketing is and how you can use it to accelerate your business growth.

In case you don’t know, digital marketers make Google rank the products and services they are marketing on the first page of Google search results. They achieve this by combining different digital marketing strategies to ensure that what you are looking for is right in front of you.

As a business owner who is interested in accelerating the growth of his/her business, a digital marketing agency is your go-to for digital marketing services but you need to know what digital marketing is and how it can help your business. Do you want to learn more about digital marketing and why it’s so important? Then keep reading.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital channels to sell or create awareness about a certain product or service. This form of marketing uses 100% web-based channels and is different from traditional marketing that uses mediums such as Television, Radio, newspapers and posters.

It is characterized by its ability to generate leads more than other forms of marketing and its flexibility with wide coverage. It achieves this via some marketing strategies such as Search Engines Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Pay-per-clicks (PPC) Advertisements among others.

After the pandemic era of 2019/2020, digital marketing has grown to be the most powerful form of marketing. This is a result of the shift of most businesses to the Internet for their operations and customers find it most convenient than traditional marketing.

Businesses of all sizes are attempting to sell themselves online in order to take advantage of the global shift to digital interactions, making the field of digital marketing more competitive than ever in 2023.

The latest report by CMO presents that about 56% of businesses are adjusting their business models to fit into the digital age and leverage opportunities available on the internet for business growth.

According to a DemandGen report, about 89% of marketers are gearing towards improving their abilities to measure and analyze marketing impacts. This has pushed them to invest heavily in digital marketing. It paves a new path to business growth and opportunities traditional marketing strategies have no idea about.

Importance of Digital Marketing

In 2023, more businesses are running to a digital marketing agency to enhance their online business presence and increase their revenue. These reasons are backed by certain importance of digital marketing that you can’t overlook, these are:

Online Visibility

Online Visibility-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

The online market is becoming more and more saturated and competitive, this poses a need for a business to stand out and this isn’t about yelling louder or making prints more colourful. Instead, it is all about becoming more visible to the customers and digital marketing can also enable a business to build visibility. Being visible as a business makes it easier for customers to reach your business even without your ads popping up. To build and improve better online visibility, an investment in SEO is paramount and will help your content rank highly on Google.

Meet Customer Needs

Meet Customer Needs-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

Regardless of how effective your advertising offers and promotions are, you won’t be able to make many sales if they aren’t meeting the needs of your customers. Digital marketing makes it easier for you to determine your consumers’ needs, preferences and expectations, as well as meet or even exceed their expectations.

Take for instance recently most people prefer to make payments using cryptocurrency, they tend to visit sites that accept payments with such currencies than those that don’t accept it. Digital marketing helps in carrying out market research on the needs of businesses and providing strategic information on how to modify strategies in line with the needs of the customers.

Building Relationships with Customers

Building Relationships with Customers-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

It’s no longer a secret that as a business you need to establish a relationship with your customers before you expect any significant increase in sales. A good and mutual relationship makes your offers more appealing to your customers.

The best way to build your relationships with your customers is via social media. This is because so many people spend ample time on social media daily and it’s easier to visit an online store that sends messages and updates via social media than those that use billboards, newspapers, door-to-door letters, or any other traditional marketing strategy.

You can build your relationships with your customers by engaging them regularly with amazing content, sharing, conversations, and events. you can ensure their loyalty, engagement, and retention, among other things.

Ways to Accelerate Business Growth Using Digital Marketing

In the past, businesses especially small ones are limited in their traditional marketing methods. However, the advancements in the digital world have opened many new channels on how to grow businesses using digital marketing. Today we will be exploring some key ways:

Reach your Target Audience

Reach your Target Audience-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

Leveraging digital marketing services help businesses reach their target customer faster regardless of their location. When you are using targeted campaigns such as paid search, social media ads and email marketing, you have a high chance of reaching prospective customers who are likely interested in your products or services.

Also using online marketing strategies, your business can reach more customers while maximizing your visibility with high chances of sales. For example, when your website content is SEO friendly, more potential buyers will come across your business when they are browsing the web.

Generating Website Traffics

Generating Website Traffics-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

If no one is visiting your site, it means nobody knows about it. This can be a serious problem, especially for businesses that are trying to leverage the online space but there is a solution to that. A digital marketing agency can help you increase your traffic and attract potential customers.

A simple digital marketing service like SEO enables your business to appear on the front page when people are searching for terms related your to services. This enables more people to see and visit your site when using Google Search Engine. SEO is the most economical way to boost your organic search engine rankings and drive more website traffic.

Beat Your Competitors

Beat Your Competitors-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

Your competitors are probably using online marketing to reach customers and are doing everything within their control to get ahead of you. Well, you have the chance of staying on top of them by investing in digital marketing services this year. To stay ahead of the competition, consider implementing cutting-edge online marketing tactics, such as:

  • Offering customers the option to pay in their preferred currency
  • Utilizing advanced advertising methods, such as pay-per-click
  • Creating engaging, shareable memes to increase brand reach and attract new customers.

To achieve all these, you will need a digital marketing agency to provide you with such a service. We can help you take the lead in your niche today without wasting your time and resources.

Gain Insights

Gain Insights-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

Besides reaching more audience and staying ahead of your competitors, digital marketing help you gain insights into what is working best for you and how to improve them for growth. For instance, Google Analytics, allows you to know where leads are generated, the most visited pages and the hook on your website. Also while using social media analytics, you can gain access to information about your customers that cannot be accessed using traditional marketing strategies.

After collecting all the data, you can use the results to improve your marketing strategies and overall campaigns. Such digital marketing services can help improve your brand which will generate more sales and increase your turnover.

Increase Trust and Credibility

Increase Trust and Credibility-Accelerate Business Growth with Digital Marketing-Jibstar Business-Grow Smarter-JSB

For your business to grow, you need your customers to trust you, especially in this era where there are millions of scammers out there.

Leveraging digital marketing as a tool for building credibility for your business will make you stay ahead of competitors, especially those that are just starting to use digital marketing services.

You can build trust and credibility by presenting creative, informative and interactive content on your website that is boldly displaying your skills, knowledge and experience in your niche.

Also, having feedback on your websites and social media pages can boost your engagements and increase your credibility and encourage more people to trust your brand. By doing so you are craving a name for yourself and in no time, customers with reach you without ads as your reputation will speak for you.

The key to a successful and profitable business in 2023 is digital marketing. We understand that to stay on top of your game, you need the professional touch of a digital marketing agency. Speak to one of our agents today and get started on how to accelerate your business while exploring our wide range of digital marketing services.

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